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i wanna try the pill that people take.

i'm tired... [of playing.]

pain game. [we're all looking at a different picture.]

paraíso se mudou pra lá.

na verdade continuo sob a mesma condição.

think twice [old experiences.]

all of it... [it's in right place.]


regras para dias de sol.

a perfeição é mesmo um delírio mórbido.

they say love.


topos 10.

the beast within. [reinventing me.]

todo amor q houver nesta vida.

the simpsons [movie]

o dia q se faz assim. [vídeo clip]




i'm bored with the concept of right and wrong.

will you let yourself go wild?

poor is the man...

i'm simply suggesting...

if you ever get close to a human...

you better not kill the groove.

you'll be taken care of...

nothing takes the past away... [like the future.]

i'll never explain it again...

love, love is a verb. [2]

keep up...

para todas as coisas: dicionário.

i'm not immune.

to feel most every feeling.

i'm still curious.

most every feeling.

the fire burns on.

wide endless oceans.

just a stone left unturned.

what if i drow in the sea of devotion?

foreign dreams I.

foreign dreams II.

topos 9.

à privacidade dos dias partidos. [dp.dq>=h/4p 2]

full gas. [not so empty.]

i'm just curious!

le bonbon quelque chose est chuchoté doucement dans votre oreille.

what the old man is possibly maybe.


until i come.

allow me to be every noise in your ear.

morning comes upon us.

so be it.


sobre a letra a.

sobre a letra b.

without feeling free.

and make it easier.

polaroid 6.

il est facile de se rappeler quand il est venu.