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aparece, não avisa.

forever more.

topos 7.

i brought you something close to me...

la même chose.


nietzsche 2.

nietzsche 3.

nietzsche 4.

una pareja de angeles bebiendo tequila.

no, i won't interfere!

now i know it will be a hundred percent certainty.

sure as a circle just keeps coming round.

time goes by so slowly...

topos 6.

há espaço para todos.

rumo ao rumo-centro.


love against over future.

want don't you blow my mind [?]

hard to get there on your own.

50 cents of humour's worth.

it leaves under my feet.

toda virtude assenta na justa medida.

to feel most every feeling.

my need is deep. [play it on.]

sou feia, mas tô na moda.

nanã reprise.

dom de iludir.

changing the ways, not the same. [come on!]

day by day, side by side.

not so bad.


monga, a mulher gorila.

yes, mam!

muy loco! [macoloco, moloko, os car*lhos a 4!]